[A-018]PROUD Gallery Gotanda

  • 2021
  • Tokyo / Gotanda, Japan

We designed a showroom/business meeting space to sell “PROUD”, a condominium brand developed by Nomura Real Estate Development.

When a condominium over a certain size is planned, a prefabricated showroom is built near the site prior to its completion. The model rooms are styled according to the target customer group, down to the interiors and furnishings, and the presentation rooms use models and videos to convey the appeal of the products. It’s like a theme park with a lot of effects to motivate people to buy.

As entertainment, it is very interesting, but if you take a step back, you will see that it is built and demolished in just a few years, and the layout is repeatedly changed and renovated to suit the situation during the sales period. We wonder if this method of spending a large amount of energy each time is really appropriate for this age. Based on this common awareness of the problem with the client, we had repeated discussions and came up with a proposal to rethink the very culture of condominium showrooms. Our goal was to create a general solution that would become the new standard for the future, rather than an ad hoc individual solution.

It should be easy to change the layout, expand and reconstruct after the completion of construction.The flow of design, construction, and demolition should be sustainable. No over-finishing except in the model room. In order to achieve these goals, the prefabricated structure was left intact and the space was wrapped with light curtains.

For the partitions in the business meeting space, we combined “foldable walls,” which are curtains with a wall-like thickness, with roll screens, so that the layout of the space can be changed flexibly according to the purpose of the seminar or event. The foldable wall has arched openings that allow the flow of traffic to be freely controlled. By carefully examining the sheen, curves, and color overlap of the curtains, we were able to create an elegant and light space that does not feel like a rugged prefabricated structure.

The materials and samples actually used in the condominiums to be built were appropriated as part of the furniture and molding. The idea was not to deny and eliminate the decorative vocabulary peculiar to high-end condominiums, but to reevaluate and rediscover their value by deconstructing and treating them metaphorically.

Category : Showroom
Curtain Design: Nozomi Kume (Studio Onder de Linde)
Furniture Subscription Service: Fittingbox by inter.office 
Cooperation: HAKUTEN
Contractor:Saito Corp.

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