[I-003]Wood Hatch

  • 2016
  • Tokyo

We designed the entrance of a cafe on the street in Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku.

Since the entrance had been behind the outer wall of the building and was too dark, the outline of design was decided based on the policy that the new facade should be extended to the place where direct light can be received. In addition, it was considered to emphasize the entrance graphically by flowing the linear materials diagonally in order to realize the appearance as if the entrance has been hatched by someone.

Each pieces of timber of chestnut, the domestic broadleaf trees, are joined one by one at a three-dimensional angle, and when you look through them, you can see the pattern of houndstooth check which derives from traditional crafts of Hida. That makes a somewhat nostalgic impression in the complicated shape. Instead of directly referring to the shapes and techniques, they are reinterpreted to match the culture and programs of the cafe and the atmosphere of Shibuya.

The production was entrusted to Hida Sangyo Co., a woodworking furniture manufacturer with very advanced technique. The detailed study between the designer and the builder was not carried out through the drawing, but was carried out only using the 3DCG model. Since the indication of the three-dimensional angle became rather confusing in 2D drawing, we made jig based on the three-dimensional data used in the design phase, and the material is processed without using numerical value of angle. It was possible to achieve a very precise and sharp settlement without forcing to make 2D drawing or relying too much on the experience and technique of the craftsman. Thanks to that, the entrance had strange apearance that looked like CG or graphic, while retaining the texture of wood.

Engineering : Tetsuya Emura
Lighting : Tokyo Lighting Design
Furniture : Hida Sangyo
Fabrication Manager : hidakuma
Photographs:Kenta Hasegawa

#japan, #shibuya, #facade, #digitalfabrication, #contemporarycraft