[F-002]ELEMENT Gallery

We have designed a fictional gallery, ELEMENT, that crosses fiction and reality as FICCIONES*.

Tokyo’s Tsukiji Market, which was regrettably demolished in 2018. Inspired by its huge and symbolic architecture, which no longer even exists, we considered using it as a motif for this gallery space.

The steel-framed space, curving along the perimeter, would proliferate endlessly in concentric circles. The new building, with its glass facade like yokan (bean jelly), will penetrate the volume of the building, which is layered like a baumkuchen, in a clean and straight line. Inside the new building, there is an endless series of white cube exhibition rooms.

The galleries, which multiply endlessly, can accommodate any large-scale exhibition, no matter how large the collection. All of the works and products exhibited and sold there exist in the real world and can be purchased through the online store.

It may have once truly been a wet market, or it may not have been at all.


CGI architecture:FICCIONES
Sound : Yuma Kooda
Graphics:Ken Okamoto Design Office

#gallery, #data, #digitaltwin, #vr, #copyright, #ficciones #fiction

A collective consisting of DOMINO ARCHITECTS, SUNJUNJIE, and Gottingham. The work is a series of images in which the imaginary world and the material world are nested within each other. Their creations are consistently made within the fictional world. He constructs, materializes, and photographs spaces that are impossible in the material world through methods of reproduction, repetition, and circulation. Working beyond the framework of architects, computer graphics artists, and photographers, their works are spaces, phenomena, and stories.