• 2021-2023
  • Chiba

Shelf for displaying and viewing the distilleries Mitosaya has worked on so far.

Only the shelves were newly made and inserted into the old gray cupboard that originally stood at the entrance of the distillery. Under the cover glass, raw materials and notes related to the drink are displayed like a specimen box.

This light and strong custom-made furniture is made of foam material used for partitions inside returnable boxes for commercial use.

Size: W850 x D238 x H42 mm (per piece)

CASES STUDY 02 Mitosaya

From storage to show, to storage to adore. The things we collect, the things we keep, the things we like to look at. Things that are similar, but slightly different. These custom-made shelves focus on the things they collect, specific to their various occupations and companies, and are designed to display, use, and sometimes look at. The light and waterproof buffer material, which is neither steel nor wood, is made from a partition manufacturer’s material used for business purposes. KOKUYO’s new research project explores the gap between “displaying” and “organizing.

Planning:Yusuke Oono、Mai TsunooTHINK OF THINGS
Production:Iwaki Packs
Copy Writing:Mai Tsunoo
Photography:Masaki Ogawa
Art Direction:Taku Sasaki
Graphic Design:Xiaojun Shi